about us


A Rock serves as an anchor, center of stability and a necessary base for a stable future.

LastRock Real Estate is a privately held boutique real estate firm focused on commercial and residential properties in Baja California Sur. Headquartered in Las Animas Valley, LastRock's success and reputation is built on long-term relationships, integrity and community stewardship.

Our client-centered approach is the reason LastRock was formed. After many years in the real estate industry, León Saenz was frustrated with the undervalued human connection and bond which he believes is so important with his clients, and also why he loves what he does - building and growing relationships.

The Mayor of Ánimas

For the past fifteen years Leon Saenz has led the movement of growing and sharing the magical Las Animas Valley (animas means soul in spanish). He brought in the award-winning boutique hotel and restaurant Acre and can be credited with selling the vast majority of land and homes in the valley. Leon is affectionately referred to as ‘the mayor of Animas’ by locals and has proudly watched as his clients, neighbors and friends have established their own footprint in the valley and their businesses continue to bloom to international recognition.


Over the years the role LastRock has played in the tight-knit and hyper-local communities of Southern Baja (including the East Cape, San Jose, Cabo Corridor and Cabo San Lucas) has served to develop our specialization in finding unique properties. We believe in helping landowners sell their properties in ways which help the local community to build stronger healthy communities. And we believe in welcoming our buyers to get to know the local community, become residents and to make new friends.